OFFICIAL: ATR 42-600S (STOL) received the approval of the ATR Board of Directors

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At the Paris Air Show 2019, ATR presented the 42-600S (STOL). The S comes from STOL - Short Take Off and Landing. The new ATR 42-600S can land and take off on short runways, from 800 meters.


Today, the ATR Board of Directors has approved the new ATR 42-600S (STOL) aircraft model. It has received 20 commitments from several airlines and leasing companies. The launch airline will be Air Tahiti, and Elix Aviation Capital will be the leasing company for the launch of the new 42-600S model.

According to ATR officials, the new 42-600S aircraft will be able to land and take off on short runways, from 800 meters long. This will make it possible for the new model to fly to a vast network of airports around the world, opening the horizons to 500 from new airports.

ATR 42-600S (STOL)


The new ATR 42-600S is ideal for regional flights, where runways are short. Beyond its short runway performance, the aircraft offers 50 seats at the same operating costs as aircraft with 30 seats.

According to the development plan, the new ATR 42-600S will be certified in the second half of the year 2022. And the first deliveries will be made immediately after certification. Thus, the new 42-600S will join the "older brothers" 42-600 and 72-600, but also the "brother-in-law" 42-600F.

We also have some technical information. To be effective on short tracks, the new 42-600S will have a very powerful braking system, which will activate immediately after landing. The engine will be the same as the 42-600 and 72-600 models. But the engines of the new 42-600S will be forced as fast as the 72-600 for a quick take off. At the same time, the pilots can allow the engines to work more efficiently and with less power on the longer tracks. For better maneuverability, the new 42-600S will have a larger rudder, which will allow better control of the aircraft at lower speeds.

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