Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines crashed in the southern Indian Ocean

Official: Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines crashed in South Indian Ocean

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At a press conference held at 16: 00 (Romanian time), Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak made a realistic but shocking statement on the status of the MH370 route. After more than 16 days of searching from disappearance of Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines, it was established that the plane collapsed in the southern Indian Ocean, west of Perth, away from any airport or runway where it could have landed. At the same time, the idea that there are no survivors was taken into account.

During this day, all relatives of 239 persons (227 passengers, including 2 children and 12 crew members), on board MH370 flight, received the following message:

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On March 16, I wrote about the idea of ​​a possible diversion and establishing two flight corridors, north and south. New information provided by Inmarsat and the British Department of Air Accident Investigation shows the aircraft was flying down the southern corridor.

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Below is the official statement made by Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Malaysian authorities and Malaysia Airlines will support relatives of passengers and crew missing on 8 March 2014. An impressive number of civilian and military vessels search the aircraft in the area indicated by the Inmarsat satellites. Tomorrow, 25 March 2014, will be a new press conference, in which more technical information will be presented.

We remind you that Malaysia Airlines removed the MH370 and MH371 codes from the operational program.

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