Oktoberfest 2022: the beer festival returns to Germany after a two-year break!

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Germany's annual beer festival, Oktoberfest, will return after a two-year hiatus. From September 17 to October 3, Oktoberfest will take place in Munich, but also in other places in Germany.

According to The Local, the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, said that the festival will take place this year without restrictions, which indicates that an increase in the number of tourists in Germany is anticipated.

"I hope that the situation does not get worse in the autumn and that the festival will not have to be canceled at the last minute", Reiter told a news conference.

Oktoberfest, which runs from Saturday, September 17 to Monday, October 3, is an annual beer festival with over six million visitors gathering for a genuine beer and enjoying music with friends.

According to Statista, an average of seven million liters of beer are poured at the festival for 17 days. This could generate gross revenues of up to € 75,7 million, provided that the price of beer is the same as in 2017. The whole festival offers a lot of other things, such as traditional Bavarian food, souvenirs and lots of fun. .

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