O'Leary, CEO of RYANAIR, suggests that unvaccinated people will no longer be able to fly!

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Ryanair CEO told the British newspaper The Telegraph  that the authorities should tighten the rules for those who refuse vaccines without good reason. He would prefer unvaccinated people against coronavirus stop flying and call for a ban on all "anti-fouling". 

O'Leary, however, does not support compulsory vaccination, as will Germany or Austria. Instead, he suggests that the authorities should impose stricter rules on those who refuse a vaccine without giving a good reason.

The new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus has disturbed, among other things, the prospects for recovery in the aviation industry. Passengers cancel their trips or postpone their reservations, O'Leary acknowledged, adding that Ryanair will carry about 10% fewer passengers in December.

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