OLT Express Poland opens 5-based Bydgoszcz

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OLT Express Poland continues its expansion and announces the opening of the 5 base in Bydgoszcz. It will be inaugurated in October 29 2012, with the beginning of the winter season.

From the new base, OLT Express Poland will make 25 flights to 12 European destinations. With these, OLT Express Poland operates a total of 183 flights to 51 destinations from 5 bases.

2 weekly races Bydgoszcz - Bristol
2 weekly trips Bydgoszcz - Cork
2 weekly races Bydgoszcz - Dortmund
2 weekly flights Bydgoszcz - Edinburgh
3 weekly trips Bydgoszcz - Frankfurt Hahn
2 weekly flights Bydgoszcz - Liverpool
2 weekly flights Bydgoszcz - London Gatwick
2 weekly flights Bydgoszcz - Milan Bergamo
2 weekly races Bydgoszcz - Memmingen
2 weekly races Bydgoszcz - Newcastle
2 weekly races Bydgoszcz - Paris Orly
2 weekly flights Bydgoszcz - Rome

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