Olympus TG-1 - camera for extreme travel

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I photographed the winter holidays with several cameras. One of these was the Olympus TG-1, a camera specifically designed for extreme travel, extreme sports, extreme things. It was the first camera of this kind that I tested and I had emotions.

Olympus TG-1 is a compact tough and resistant to say that the data sheet: shock - falling from heights of up to 2 m; water - up to underwater pressure equivalent to a depth of 12m; Frost - -10 ° C; dust; scratches, etc. I can say that is one of the few devices that can boast of the above.

Emotions came when I had to test what he says in the record. I didn't get cold at -10 degrees, but I did get some cold weather, and Olympus TG-1 was very good. The battery did not cause any problems, the menu worked completely, the pictures came out well.

Below are some pictures taken in my hometown, in cold weather:

I shot a bit in the neighborhood when it was snowing.

As you can see, the Olympus TG-1 has several special effects on the menu to take creative shots. The 12 effects can be set from Magic Filter: Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fisheye, Drawing, Soft Focus, Punk, Sparkle, Water color, Reflection, Miniaturized, Fragmented, Dramatic.

I got rid of it and it wasn't a test. I picked him up and continued my work. My advice is to keep the appliance off the ground, but it is made to withstand falls up to 2 meters. But it is not specified whether it is resistant to impact with concrete or grit.

I didn't have the opportunity to dive until 12 meters, but I did a small underwater test in the house.

I took pictures while underwater, in water and after diving. I was interested in working and I did not care about creativity. Below are some pictures without logic, just to show that the machine worked as well as after being in the water.

I also shot the fireworks on New Year's Eve!

The machine did very well in terms of resistance. It has a solid structure and is well sealed. But Olympus did not neglect the main function, the camera. Olympus TG-1 comes equipped with a wide-angle lens with very good brightness. Benefit from iHS technology and quickly deliver good photos in the most extreme conditions.

Olympus TG-1 Basic Technical Specifications:
• 12 Mpx sensor
• 4x optical zoom
• focal length of 4,5 - 18mm (25 - 100mm - equiv. 35mm)
• The maximum aperture: 2,0 - 4,9
• Screen: 3.0 inch OLED, 610000 points
• Continuous AF and face detection
• Filters: Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fisheye, Drawing, Soft Focus, Punk, Sparkle, Water color, Reflection, Miniaturized, Fragmented, Dramatic
• 5 fps at maximum resolution, 60 fps in 3 Mpx mode
• Shooting 1080p / 720p
• Touch screen
• Manometer

The buttons are well positioned, easy to use and can be quickly recognized by the fact that they are highlighted. The back buttons can sometimes be harder to access, but it depends on the user. Olympus TG-1 comes equipped with an interesting technology, that is able to access the menu and by touching the device in certain parts. I haven't tested it, but I find it interesting, especially when you are at the top of the mountain and want to quickly take a special photo, after certain settings.

The camera takes very good photos in optimal light conditions, up to ISO 800. After this value, the pictures taken with Olympus TG-1 begin to become less clear and become more pixelated. It shoots Full HD well, the sound is recorded very well, but at night the focus is desirable and this can be seen in the video with the fireworks.

Olympus TG-1 is a perfect camera for extreme travel. It can withstand temperatures up to -10 degrees, dust, scratches, shocks and even diving up to 12 meters. Photographs very well in good light, comes with 12 magical effects and stunning by Macro photography. It shoots Full HD on 1080p, the sound is recorded very well, but it focuses harder at night.

+ solid construction
+ compact tough camera
+ photographs well under optimal light conditions
+ 12 Magic filters
+ Excellent photography on Macro
+ Shoot Full HD

- high ISO Noise High
- Focus slow at night in Full HD

Olympus TG-1 is available at a price of 1900 lei. I think it's a good price for what it offers – portability, durability and it shoots well.

I didn't dissect this camera too much. Creativity and juggling with the settings is up to each photographer. I wanted to highlight the resistance, the ease with which you can photograph and the fact that you are photographing well. If you have any questions, I invite you to leave a comment on this article!

  1. Ana Maria says

    It's not bad, but it depends on what kind of pictures everyone wants to take. I remain a nikonista for life (maybe only sony can corrupt me, but it remains to be seen: D).

  2. Deea says

    Beautiful pictures. It is important to have a device of this size when traveling.

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