La Bordei - the first Dacian restaurant in Bucharest

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We write largely about the aviation industry, but we cannot neglect the travel industry, travel and tangential topics. We consider that all these things go together and are mutually influenced. We travel by plane to different destinations, discover new places, new cultures, travel for personal purpose, business, for different events, for different experiences and the list can go on.

Wherever we travel, we inevitably run into the culinary side, traditions and customs, and we seek to highlight what we liked. This time we will tell you about a restaurant in Bucharest. You have probably noticed some posts with cultural events that took place or take place inside the restaurant "La Bordei", plus pictures with different dishes.

As I wrote in the title, La Bordei is the first Dacian restaurant in Bucharest. We visited it several times, we enjoyed the culinary experiences, the atmosphere and we focused more on the idea of ​​"specific Dacian". Being a gourmet, I was curious to discover the traditional part of these dishes, and below I outlined the story of this restaurant.

Let's start the story with the magic figure 3 and you'll discover why the universe governs La Bordei. Those who thought of this restaurant are passionate about healthy food, cooked without emulsifiers and additives. They were interested, read, documented and tried to find out the ingredients and preparations used in the kitchen of our ancestors.

The Dacian dishes impressed them, starting with the roast veal on the hieratic, the roasted wild pigeons, the spicy meat and ending with desserts based on the natural richness of the lands: bee honey, juicy pears kept in hay, grapes with white beans , pink and black, red apples, but also gold. In the preparation of Dacian dishes, are used: cereals, poultry, pork and duck, but also certain vegetables grown since Dacian times. Even the "strong and incense-flavored" wines have not gone unnoticed among the tasters' senses over time. The Dacian recipes that you will find in the "La Bordei" offer are invented by Virgil Profeanu, the owner of this restaurant.

At Bordei he did not forget the traditional Romanian cuisine. Romanian cuisine has been influenced by the place where we have been mentioned, the climate, the religious customs, the traditions of the Romanian people and many other details, such as those of geo-political level. Romania was at the intersection of the roads between the West and the East, and the Romanian people "borrowed" several culinary cultures and we can say that they grounded and "perished" them. At the same time, La Bordei emphasizes international cuisine.

Salads, vegetables, vegetables, spices, assorted cheeses and fruits, pasta, lamb, beef, pork, rice, olive oil, fish, traditional foods cooked in a small fire, all of them are in an extraordinary variety of preparations in La Bordei offer.

And because we talked about 3 culinary directions, we mention that the restaurant is decorated in 3 styles: Dacian - you can't miss the wolf's head and the Dacian map painted on the wall; Traditional - painting the end wall, piano, furniture, chandelier; International - end monitors, minimalist and contemporary furniture.

It is a mixed universe, a complex restaurant, a place where you can enjoy a Dacian style dinner, an international evening or a Romanian meal.

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