One passenger mistook the emergency exit with the bathroom door

The title is not a song or a timews new roman. The incident happened on a GoAir plane

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In recent days, the authorities in India had to investigate a special case. One passenger, a house on a GoAir plane, mistook the emergency exit with the bathroom door. It caused chaos in the plane when he tried to open the door from the emergency exit in the middle of the plane. The 20-year-old mentioned that he wants to go to the bathroom.

Other passengers, who were on board the plane on the route Delhi - Patna (India), said that the man started shooting at the door and shouted "I have to use the bathroom", according to the Independent publication.

A passenger tried to open the door from the emergency exit

When people realized what the young man was trying to do, they alerted the crew members. They convinced him to return to his place for the rest of the flight. Sanowar Khan, the local police officer, told Times of India that there was chaos aboard an airplane, while a young man tried to unlock the door from the emergency exit. Some passengers appear to have struggled with it and were injured.

Once the plane landed safely, the 20-year-old was taken into custody by the airport authorities, who considered the incident "a real mistake." Sanowar Khan said it was not a premeditated action, it was just a simple incident.

We mention that this is not an isolated case. At the beginning of the year, a passenger managed to open the door next to the emergency exit. A 25-year-old man, who was preparing to fly on the Hainan-Sichuan route, opened the emergency door, saying it was hot. The man was fined $ 11.000 and detained for 15 days for "unauthorized disposal of aviation facilities."

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