(Video) #Orangepride: KLM promotes the Netherlands

(Video) #Orangepride: KLM promotes the Netherlands

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On June 14, KLM unveiled the Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVA) in the #Orangepride livery. The blue KLM was combined with the representative orange of the Netherlands. The Dutch flag was also applied in the transition area between the 2 colors. The story of this campaign started in King's Day 2015, posting a picture of a Boeing 777-300ER KLM in orange livery. At that time, an image of an orange aircraft was presented to KLM fans, along with the question: "Should we color in orange next year, on King's Day? #OrangeExperience ". After 30.000 of likes and 2.500 of positive responses, KLM introduced its aircraft.

Livery #Orangepride KLM

The aircraft will operate long-haul flights from the KLM portfolio, including on the Rio de Janeiro - Amsterdam route. On August 22, KLM will use orange Boeing to operate the "Medal Flight", transporting Dutch heroes from the Olympics.

For the new color scheme, KLM used 335 of liters of paint. The colors were applied in multiple, thin layers, requiring less paint. The new livery was applied in 4 days, using a team made up of 35 people.

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