Schedule of bus flights between Bacau Airport and Suceava Airport. Free transfer provided by Blue Air.

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As you know, Blue Air has temporarily moved flights from Bacau to Suceava and Iasi, until September 30, 2020. Between August 10 and September 30, the airport in Bacau will be closed for modernization works.

In this context, Blue Air organizes the free transfer of passengers between Bacau and Suceava International Airport. At the recommendation of AirlinesTravel and at the request of the passengers, Blue Air published the timetable of the bus flights between Bacău and Suceava.

Bus timetable between Bacău and Suceava

We inform you that the buses will leave in front of Bacău International Airport 5 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Access to the bus will be based on the plane ticket.

For passengers landing in Suceava, the transfer by bus to Bacău will be made immediately after landing, at no additional cost to you. Access to the bus will be based on the plane ticket, passengers will be picked up in front of Suceava airport.

Flight schedule Bacau - Suceava

ZiDeparture from BacauFlight numberRutaDeparture Time Plane
Months3:352931SCV - LTN8:35
Months11:452923SCV - BRU16:45
Months12:50123SCV - BRU17:50
Marti2:152901SCV - TRN7:15
Marti9:352915SCV - FCO14:35
Marti16:152955SCV - DUB21:15
Wednesday1:002911SCV - BGY6:00
Wednesday7:102915SCV - FCO12:10
Wednesday13:252923SCV - BRU18:25
Thursday3:352931SCV - LTN8:35
Thursday11:302901SCV - TRN16:30
Thursday18:002955SCV - DUB23:00
Friday3:352931SCV - LTN8:35
Friday11:352915SCV - FCO16:35
Saturday3:352931SCV - LTN8:35
Saturday11:352915SCV - FCO16:35
Saturday18:002955SCV - DUB23:00
Sunday2:502911SCV - BGY7:50
Sunday9:152931SCV - LTN14:15
Sunday18:002955SCV - DUB23:00

Suceava - Bacau flight schedule

ZiDeparture from SuceavaFlight numberRutaAirplane Landing Time
Months8:002956DUB - SCV7:00
Months16:452932LTN - SCV15:45
Months23:502924BRU - SCV22:50
Tuesday (1 Sep)0:45124BRU - SCV23:45
Marti13:452902TRN - SCV12:45
Marti20:502916FCO - SCV19:50
Wednesday6:152956DUB - SCV5:15
Wednesday12:252912BGY - SCV11:25
Wednesday18:402916FCO - SCV17:40
Thursday1:402924BRU - SCV0:40
Thursday16:452932LTN - SCV15:45
Thursday23:002902TRN - SCV22:00
Friday8:002956DUB - SCV7:00
Friday16:452932LTN - SCV15:45
Friday23:052916FCO - SCV22:05
Saturday16:452932LTN - SCV15:45
Saturday23:052916FCO - SCV22:05
Sunday8:002956DUB - SCV7:00
Sunday14:152912BGY - SCV13:15
Sunday22:252932LTN - SCV21:25

I hope this information will help you and share it with other passengers traveling between Bacău and Suceava.

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