2016 Summer Schedule: Blue Air Base from Turin Caselle

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On March 27, the 2016 summer time in commercial aviation enters into force. Website flytorino.it did a brief analysis on the basis Blue Air of the Turin Caselle.


For the summer of 2016, Blue Air has announced an unprecedented expansion from the Turin base. Will operate 68 weekly flights (approximately 10 per day) to 14 destinations (5 national and 9 international). This schedule will be supported by the allocation of 3 family aircraft Boeing 737. On average, each aircraft will operate 3 flights per day, according to the schedule already announced.


If we take a look at the chart above, we notice that there is still room for 1-2 rotations, especially on Tuesday and Saturday. Should it be for Turin - Oradea or will the number of flights to Bari increase?

Compared to the summer of 2015, the growth in 2016 is over 300%. Last year, Blue Air had an aircraft based in Turin and operated 21 weekly flights.

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