Timetable for TAROM flights from Sibiu in the winter program 2018-2019

The date when the aviation will move to the winter season 2018-2019 is approaching. As we have already been accustomed to, most airlines adjust their operating hours according to seasonality, destinations and demand. Below are some of the changes made by TAROM for flights to / from Sibiu.

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In 2018, TAROM caught on. Announced new routes, brought more 2 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft into the fleet, adjusted the flight schedule. And for the next they prepared some interesting surprises. They will launch a mobile application and plan to rent up to 13 regional jet aircraft.

We suspect them of base in Constanța and of new routes. But all in their time. Until the rumors are confirmed or denied, let us analyze the flight schedule during the winter period. And we start with flights from / to Sibiu.

Timetable for TAROM flights from Sibiu

This year, TAROM launched internal route Bucharest - Sibiu and the external route Sibiu - Stuttgart. Currently, the schedule of flights Bucharest - Sibiu is to the advantage of Bucharest residents. They leave Bucharest early in the morning and return late from Sibiu in the evening.

And let's not forget the traditional Sibiu - Munich route made by plane from Bucharest. More precisely Bucharest - Sibiu (technical stop without landing) - Munich.

Good! The novelty is coming. In winter time, TAROM reviews flight schedules for these routes. From our checks, starting with the winter time 2018-2019, The route Bucharest - Sibiu will have the following schedule:

RO721 Bucharest 13:25 - 14:10 Sibiu on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
RO722 Sibiu 12:10 - 12:50 Bucharest on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

If at present very advantageous flights are operated for Bucharest residents, there is even the possibility to fly back and forth on the same day Bucharest - Sibiu - Bucharest, here that from the winter schedule these advantages disappear.

Let's see the other routes. The direct flights Sibiu - Munich - Sibiu will be operated according to the following schedule:

RO317 Sibiu 07:15 - 07:55 Munich on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
RO317 Sibiu 14:55 - 15:35 Munich on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

RO318 Munich 08:40 - 11:25 Sibiu on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
RO318 Munich 16:20 - 19:05 Sibiu on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The third route operated by TAROM is Sibiu - stuttgart, according to the schedule:

RO721 Sibiu 19:50 - 20:50 Stuttgart on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
RO722 Stuttgart 21:35 - 00: 35 + 1 Sibiu on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

All of these flights are operated by Airbus A318 aircraft, which means that the aircraft could be relocated to Sibiu. If TAROM will be based in Sibiu, it means that we will see other routes because there will be some "free" time.

The aircraft will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the routes Bucharest - Sibiu - Munich - Sibiu - Stuttgart. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the aircraft will fly according to the schedule on the route Stuttgart - Sibiu - Munich - Sibiu - Bucharest. It is to be admired that TAROM will considerably increase the transport capacity from / to Sibiu.

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