Our expectations from the accommodation (hotel / pension)! What do you expect from a hotel or a pension?

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Traveling is no longer just a fad, but a necessity. We all want to explore and discover new places in the country and abroad. Regardless of the season, the trip is within anyone's reach and we can travel by car, train or plane. Since the cheapening of airline tickets, any European destination has become a long-distance flight. Exotic holidays have also become cheaper, being much more accessible to the general public.

Personally, it's been over 10 years since I started traveling systematically. We have accumulated hundreds of thousands of kilometers flown and we have visited hundreds of cities and many tourist attractions in Europe, North Africa, West and Southwest Asia, etc.

During all this time I traveled alone, with my family, with friends, in an organized group to participate in various events. I stayed at all kinds of hotels from 2 ** to 5 *****, pensions, hotel complexes, chalets, bungalows, etc. I chose most of the accommodation units personally, others were chosen by friends, family or event organizers.

Every time I had to choose an accommodation unit, I searched according to several factors, among which: the location in relation to the means of public transport / tourist objectives; quality / price ratio depending on the number of stars, services, mass and destination; but also depending on the reviews and reviews left by other tourists.

In all cases, regardless of the number of stars and daisies, I personally had and set some expectations, common sense, which has nothing to do with the classification itself.


First of all, I expect the accommodation I will be staying in for a few days to be clean. At least in Europe, where the standard of cleanliness is high, I want the bathroom, the room, the bedding, the furniture, the curtains, the air conditioning, everything to be clean and disinfected. I want to go on vacation to relax, not get sick. Whether we are talking about 2 ** or 5 *****, cleanliness depends on the people and the place.

Respect / smiles / positive attitude

I expect the hosts, from the reception to the maid, to be ok in attitude, to enjoy mutual respect, smiles. Honestly, I don't want to feel that my presence at an accommodation unit is annoying. I pay for some accommodation and meals, but the man honors the place.

The food should be edible

Regardless of the level of classification, the food must be edible. If I opted for accommodation with meals included (breakfast most likely), I want to have something to eat. Many accommodation units have 2-3 kinds of eggs (boiled, fried, scrambled eggs), cheese, sausage, yards, of course coffee and juice / water. But I also had some unpleasant surprises when it came to food. Yes, if it says accommodation + breakfast or any other type of meal, that's what I want to receive.

Decent room as surface and standard facilities

Regardless of the classification, I want a room ok in size and properly equipped. Have a bed where I can rest, a closet, a nightstand. I would very much appreciate it if all this did not fall apart. The sockets should be firmly inserted in the wall, the electrical circuits should not be visible. The door to the room should close properly, without the risk of opening at the first breeze. In the bathroom, the toilet should be ok and disinfected / clean, the shower or bathtub should be clean, well installed, as well as all the sanitary installations.

I'm interested in being maintained! I mean, it's not my duty as a tourist to think about this aspect, but of those who manage the accommodation units. I should be convinced that everything is ok. But unfortunately this is not always the case. I mentioned all this because I came across such situations and it is not pleasant and comfortable at all. I have a saying: is that how they do at home, how do they behave at home? I do not accept the idea "let it go like that". Yes, in my house I always take care of things and maintain them, so that's what I look for when I travel.

These are normal classification requirements. The cleanliness, the attitude of the staff, the tasteful and well-cooked food, the well-installed sanitary installations, the revised and well-assembled furniture, are all about the attention to detail, the attention to the tourist, the attention to what some services pay.

The price should reflect the contracted services

I did not always look for the cheapest service, I did not choose an accommodation unit by price, but by an optimal quality of service / price ratio in my opinion. As I said, I stayed from 2 ** to 5 ***** and I kind of know what I should have in the room, what services should be offered at the classification level. I had pleasant surprises to choose a 3 *** hotel and to feel like a 5 *****. But I also had unpleasant surprises to choose a 5 ***** hotel and to receive services worthy of maybe 1 * or 2 **. And I'm not talking here only about Romania, but also about the experiences lived in other countries.

That being said, dear owners of hotels and guesthouses, it doesn't cost you much to smile, make employees smile and make your tourists happy. Attention to detail! Related to my other expectations, it may seem like a fad, but in the long run you can increase the community of those who return or the community of those who do NOT recommend you. You choose!

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