Outdoor shoes - the perfect choice for going out and for everyday wear

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Lightweight hiking footwear is currently experiencing its golden age. It is a popular choice not only for hikers but also for all outdoor enthusiasts. Shoes of this type have become popular all over the world, and the logos of the most important manufacturers of this type of footwear have become easy to recognize at first glance. On easier trails, lightweight outdoor footwear has replaced even the classic trekking boots.

What sets lightweight outdoor shoes apart?


Classic trekking shoes are quite heavy models, usually made of thick leather. The high upper and thick sole provide very good support, but they are also bulky and not very comfortable in high temperatures. With the heat and easier trails in mind, outdoor shoes were created, including footwear Helly Hansen, Scarpa and from other well-known brands.

Why wear heavy hiking boots on a well-groomed trail when lighter models can do a much better job? Outdoor footwear has evolved by combining the characteristics of several types of footwear. Above all, the durability of the upper and the sole, which ensures excellent grip in various conditions, have been taken from trekking boots. However, the upper has been modified accordingly.

Thicker materials or rubber layers are only used in the more vulnerable areas, which are usually the front and back. The other elements are usually made of lighter materials. Textiles or airy mesh are often used. As for the sole, it has a slightly softer tread than trekking shoes. As a result, outdoor footwear excels both on rough terrain and hard paved surfaces. Excellent cushioning has been taken over from running shoes.

Salomon men's boots I am an excellent example. A thicker layer of foam to cushion the impact of each step is a well-known solution in the running world. However, in hiking on a larger scale, the solution only appeared with outdoor shoes. This makes walking with a small backpack on easier trails even more comfortable.

In addition, all these features have been gathered in a modern design, combining the look of urban, sports and hiking shoes in one. You might think that this combination will not find many fans, but it turned out to be a success. This flexible design means the shoe can be worn with both jeans and trekking pants.

Light hiking shoes, not only for trips, but also for daily use

For many people, lightweight outdoor footwear is the number one choice for almost any activity. In everyday life, it offers a high level of comfort. Very good cushioning is useful on hard asphalt or concrete surfaces, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The moderate terrain profile provides enough grip on them.

Of course, outdoor shoes are great for hiking the easier trails they were designed for. They are an excellent choice for forests, country roads and even lower mountains. Lightweight hiking shoes are also ideal for vacations, camping, or camping at the lake. The lightweight construction ensures good foot ventilation during high temperatures.

If you need comfortable footwear for use in all environments, outdoor footwear from leading brands such as The North Face, will be the best choice. The American brand is famous not only for its comfort, but also for the durability of the models, so you can be sure that your favorite shoes will accompany you in your daily life and on the trails for several seasons. Outdoor boots from this brand and many other well-known brands can be found in the online store 8a.ro.

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