More than 1 million passengers are expected on flights connecting London Heathrow to Greece, summer 2021

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With 12 destinations and the largest number of seats available so far, this summer will be the busiest on flights connecting London Heathrow Airport to Greece. The places will increase by a fifth, reaching over one million compared to the pre-COVID period in the summer of 2019.

More than a million seats are scheduled between London Heathrow International Airport and Greece this summer. This will be the first time the capacity will pass this level.

The accumulated demand has increased but, like all foreign markets, it will be strongly influenced by the progress of vaccinations, the opening of borders and the lifting of bans in the UK. British Airways and Aegean Airlines are the only carriers that have scheduled flights between the two countries.

12 routes to Greece this summer.

This summer, British Airways will offer over 728.000 seats, with a share of 71%, while Aegean Airlines will offer 299.000 seats, according to OAG data. The number of passengers transported by British Airways to Greece has doubled. Heathrow expects to hold 27% of the total London-Greece market, up 22% from the same period in 2019.

12 routes to Greece will be operated from London Heathrow Airport this summer. There will be flights to Heraklion and Thessaloniki, but not to Lemnos. The over 2000 km race to Rhodes was operated in the summer season 2019, but only by charter flights, but from this season it will be a frequent service.

From London Heathrow Airport, Heraklion and Thessaloniki are served by British Airways until May 22, then only from Gatwick. Aegean Airlines will replace them at Heathrow.

Routes between London Heathrow and Greece

  1. Athena - British Airways and Aegean Airlines
  2. Santorini - British Airways and Aegean Airlines (starts on May 25)
  3. Corfu - British Airways
  4. Mykonos - British Airways
  5. Heraklion - British Airways (ending on 22 May) and Aegean Airlines (starting on 28 May)
  6. Chania - British Airways
  7. Thessaloniki - British Airways (ending on 22 May) and Aegean Airlines (starting on 22 April)
  8. Preveza - British Airways
  9. Kalamata - British Airways
  10. Kefalonia - British AirwaysA
  11. Zakynthos -British AirwaysA
  12. Rodos - British Airways

In high season, there will be 114 weekly flights from Heathrow to destinations in Greece, an average of 16 flights per day.

Number of flights between London Heathrow and Greece

  • Athena: 56 weekly departures
  • Corfu: 11 weekly flights
  • Santorini: 11 weekly flights
  • Mykonos: nine flights a week
  • Chania: six weekly flights
  • Heraklion: five flights a week
  • Preveza: four flights a week
  • Kefalonia: three flights a week
  • Kalamata: three flights a week
  • Thessaloniki: three flights a week
  • Zakynthos: two weekly flights
  • Rodos: one flight a week

With over half of all places, Athens is and will always be the most important Greek destination at Heathrow.

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