Over 100.000 of Romanians will go to Greece this year

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Greece, the continental area and the islands, this year registered an increase of approximately 10% of the number of reservations made by Romanians. Like last year, the average value of a week's stay reaches 450 euros.

Continental Greece it attracts Romanian tourists, the most sought after destination being the Halkidiki Peninsula. In this case, the average package of the stay amounts to 375 euros. As for island Greece, the preferences of Romanians are different. Most opt ​​for a seven-night / eight-day stay with half board, and the budget is larger than the one allocated for a vacation on the mainland.

"We charters to Crete, Corfu, Kos, Rhodos, Santorini and Mykonos, all with a high occupancy rate, even by 100% in certain periods and on certain destinations. Greece is the second most sought after holiday destination among Romanians and the most requested on our charter, ”says Elena Anghel, executive director of Prestige Tours, the tour operator of the Happy Tour group.

The best-selling Greek island is Creta. The average package of an eight-day, half-board stay costs 399 euros. An almost similar request have and Rhodos and Corfu, the value of the average stays in these two destinations reaching 415 euros, respectively 450 euros.

"We introduced Mykonos last year, and the success could be seen this year. The demand is above expectations for a destination operated for the second time, especially since the average package costs 500 euros, above the average of a stay in the Greek islands, ”says Elena Anghel.

During this period, Kos has a very good demand, especially due to the average value of the stay and the accessible services. Thus, a holiday in Kos starts from 270 euros, the average rate being 450 euros.

Regarding Santorini, the average value of the stay is 425 euros. The most expensive holiday sold on a Greek island was worth 5.899 euros and consisted of a seven-day stay for two people in Crete. The package included accommodation at a five star hotel, with breakfast included.

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