Over 1000 places for refugees, in heated tents, at Henri Coanda Bucharest Airport

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Over 1000 seats in heated tents, free food and medical services for refugees and repatriates at Henri Coanda Airport

In order to facilitate the transit of an increasing number of returnees and refugees from Ukraine, CN Aeroporturi București has taken additional measures to accommodate them.


On the evening of March 3, CNAB completed the installation and equipment of two large tents in the parking lot in front of the Henri Coandă International Airport Departures Airport. They are heated and provide a minimum of comfort for passengers on boarding repatriation flights.

The capacity of the tents exceeds 1000 places and these are accessed mainly by large groups of returnees. These places are in addition to those in the dedicated waiting areas inside the terminal, the total amounting to over 1500.

The whole activity was supported by representatives of the Ilfov Prefecture, which provided supplies for refugees and returnees.

In addition, the Regina Maria Health Network has provided a medical caravan that provides both medical equipment and personnel as well as free PCR tests for refugees and returnees from Ukraine. These are made available through a humanitarian volunteer program. Food and water, for all those in the tents, were also provided by the Nigerian Embassy in Romania.

An information center with Ukrainian-speaking volunteers continues to operate non-stop at Departures Airport, providing support, information and translation for refugees and returnees.

The entire activity of assisting refugees and repatriates is supported, through a humanitarian volunteer program, by the staff of CN Aeroporturi București as well as by the unions in the company.

On March 3 alone, 3000 returnees passed through Henri Coandă Airport on charter flights, to which is added a significant number of refugees and returnees on scheduled flights, and their number is growing.

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