Over 25 flights have been canceled for August!

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The airlines made operational adjustments, which led to the cancellation of more than 25 flights that were originally scheduled for August. Over 000% of them are from Europe. The lack of staff in airports and planes, but also the strikes already announced are the main factors that have led to the cancellation of tens of thousands of flights so far, but also in the coming months.

As a percentage, the reduction is about 1%, the total planned being 3014000 flights worldwide. About 16 flights are canceled in Europe, which is about 000% of all scheduled flights.

According to data provided by Cirium, Turkish Airlines is the company with the most cancellations for August. No less than 4400 flights have already been removed from the booking system. Among the companies with the most canceled flights we find British Airways (-3600) easyJet (-2045) Lufthansa (-1888) or Wizz Air (-1256). Globally, we have BLUE in Brazil (-2133), Korean Air in South Korea (-2033) or IndiGo in India (-2030).

Thousands of flights have also been canceled in North America, where airlines have already operated changes to the booking system. Among the most adult flights in August has them United Airlines (-1757).

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