Over 3800 of SAS flights canceled due to pilot strike.

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SAS, also known as the Scandinavian Airlines System, is going through a difficult time. Starting with 26 April 2019, SAS pilots went on strike, being affected by thousands of flights.

Pilot unions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden are demanding salary increases of 13% and negotiating a new collective labor agreement. The pilots also want a much better defined schedule, with the establishment of working hours.

Over 3800 of SAS flights were canceled

SAS officials began negotiations with the unions in the hope of stopping the strike and resuming flights according to the schedule. SAS pilots strike led to canceling over 3800 flights, affecting 340 000 passenger travel.

SAS sought solutions for passengers and dropped over 30% of them on partner carrier flights.

If you have flights with SAS, it would be good to check the status of the flights. If you have been affected by the cancellation of SAS flights, claim damages up to € 600.

SAS - Scandinavian Airlines System was the traditional carrier of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Norway sold its share, and Sweden and Denmark still own 14,82% and 14,24% of the airline's shares, respectively. The rest of the shares are owned by Swedish (about 40%) and Danish (about 15%) investors.

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