Update: Over 8100 of canceled flights to the United States (Video)

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Update 27 January 2015: On Tuesday, the storm and massive snowfall resulted in the cancellation of approximately 4800 of flights, approximately 15% of flights operated to this day in the United States. In total, the number of canceled flights went up to 8100, including the 550 of canceled flights for Wednesday. Most flights were canceled from airports in Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

The northeastern United States is facing a heavy snowstorm, which has resulted in thousands of canceled flights. Since the first flakes fell, major airlines have already announced the cancellation of several flights.

Massive snow falls are expected in some areas, even over 30 cm, and airline operators and airports are trying to minimize losses and prevent certain bottlenecks. It is not enough for the snow to be cleaned and practicable, but the treads and platforms must be cleared, and ground crews have to deal with these severe weather.

To avoid blocking thousands of passengers at airports, several airlines have already canceled more than 2 flights on Monday, more than 790 flights are announced for Tuesday and about 3 for Wednesday. The most affected airports are New York (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark-Liberty), Boston - Logan and Philadelphia. During Tuesday, it is not excluded that certain airports will cease their activity and the number of canceled flights will increase.


Among the airline operators, the most affected are: JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Air Canada. Airlines offer passengers the ability to cancel flights or reschedule other flights at no additional cost.

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