Over 8 million passengers are eligible for financial compensation following canceled / delayed flights this summer!

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If you're a frequent reader, you've probably heard about the thousands of canceled flights in Europe this summer season. In addition to these, tens of thousands of other flights were delayed. The main reason was the lack of flight or airport personnel.

In this context, approximately 8 million passengers are eligible for compensation. The summer chaos was largely fueled by both airline and airport staff shortages, as well as various strikes, the most prominent of which were the SAS and Lufthansa strikes earlier this summer.

We remind you that, for flights canceled or delayed more than three hours at the destination, you can benefit from financial compensation of up to 600 EURO, in addition to the others air passenger rights, such as rerouting / refund, but also other rights.

Between July 22 and August 31, 2022, the most canceled / suspended flights were from / to Great Britain (30450), Germany (24169), Spain (23256), Turkey (21470) or Italy (20986). The most canceled or delayed flights were registered among the airlines easyJet (26088), Turkish Airlines (22490), Lufthansa (17021), Air France (8971), Wizz Air (8831).

*The figures were presented by AirHelp!

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