Over 80.000 of Romanian passengers have so far been enrolled in Flying Blue

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Flying Blue reported midway through the year exceeding 21 million members worldwide. Of these, over 80.000 passengers are Romanian and have an activity rate of 40%. More than half of the total number of Central European members (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria) come from Romania.

Flying Blue is a loyalty program introduced in the year 2005 by the airlines Air France and KLM and has enjoyed a real success among the passengers. Over time, Flying Blue has been adopted by other SkyTeam airline members as well, so Flying Blue currently offers its members access to a network of 15.500 flights to 1.000 destinations. There are four levels of fidelity, depending on the number of flights made: Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

20% of the Romanian passengers are Silver, Gold or Platinum members, depending on the level of loyalty, bonus miles, extra luggage, access to SkyTeam lounges at airports, priority at check-in, priority at boarding and preferential seats in plane.

• 2,5% of total members are Platinum customers, which perform over 60 segments (flights) annually with Air France, KLM and the member companies of the Flying Blue loyalty program;
• 8% of the total number of members are Gold customers, which perform over 30 segments (flights) annually with Air France, KLM and member companies of the Flying Blue loyalty program;
• 12% of total members are Silver customers, which perform over 15 segments (flights) annually with Air France, KLM and Flying Blue loyalty program member companies.

I hope that one day I will write more about these loyalty programs. They are useful for those who travel a lot, but without benefits for those who have a flight a year.

As for Flying Blue, I tend to believe that many of those enrolled in the program did it to bypass certain fees. From 22 April 2013, KLM started offering personalized services on European flights and introduced the freight baggage fee, a fee that can be bypassed if you are a Flying Blue member.

But I do not deny the quality of this program. In April 2013, Air France and KLM's Flying Blue loyalty program was awarded the Freddie Awards in the 5 categories and was declared the best loyalty program in the Europe / Africa region based on votes from over 3 million.

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