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Amsterdam, Stockholm, Rome, Dubai and Sicily & Sardinia!

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Do you have any plans for 1 anymore? We know that we are in March, but sometimes it is good to plan your activities early, especially when it comes to travel. I told you about it luxury destinations, about Easter holidays or about 5 stars accommodation units, and in this article we will recommend some destinations for the mini-vacation of 1 more.

Amsterdam - flower parade

For many, the tradition of 1 also means beach and bathing in the sea. But I recommend that you get out of the pattern and travel north. A destination I love and I highly recommend is Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands was named after the words women (in Dutch meaning dam) and the word Amstel (river that runs through the city).

Amsterdam is famous for its old center, where there are many museums: the Wax Figures Museum Madame Tussauds, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank, Van Gogh, Verzetsmuseum, Rembrandt House Museum, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam and Joods Historisch Museum. You can walk the steps or the canals that cross the city.


You can also visit the Heineken Experience Brewery in Amsterdam. You will enjoy a unique experience, having the opportunity to attend the brewing, even in the Heineken brewery. The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and the program runs from 11 to 19. The ticket price is 18 EURO.

The May 1st holiday includes 4 nights accommodation at a 4-star hotel, flights by plane on the route Bucharest - Amsterdam - Bucharest, city tour with local guide. If you arrive in Amsterdam, don't miss a visit to the Tulip Museum and the Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world.

For more information and reservations, call Paralela45 Luxury: 021 34 53 712 / mail: [email protected]!

Stockholm & Baltic Sea Cruise

We stay in the northern part of Europe and land in Stockholm, the most populous city in the Nordic countries. It stretches over 14 islands off the coast of southeastern Sweden.

Stockholm is surrounded by very clean water, which facilitates fishing and bathing right in the middle of the city. Thus, Stockholm earned its name "North Venice" or "Beauty on the Water". The capital of Sweden is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. It has a much more continental and more cosmopolitan air than other Nordic cities, combining in a unique blend of historical beauty with the modern air of a city defined by cleanliness, order and discipline.


You can visit many museums, theaters and monuments, art galleries and amusement parks. You can try Swedish cuisine, with over 1000 restaurants in Stockholm. From 2013, in the Swedish capital you can find 8 Michelin restaurants, 2 having 2 Michelin stars each.

But let's not go further with the presentation on Stockholm and talk a little about the package prepared for 1 more. It includes transport by plane Bucharest - Stockholm, 5 nights accommodation (2 nights accommodation with breakfast on the Silja Serenade cruise ship; 3 nights accommodation with breakfast at Quality Friends Hotel 4 * (or similar) in Stockholm; panoramic city tour (4h) by bus and local guide in Stockholm; panoramic city tour (4h) by bus and local guide in Helsinki; trip to Uppsala (4h) by bus; airport transfers - hotel - airport. Rates start from 535 EURO!

For more information and reservations, call Paralela45 Luxury: 021 34 53 712 / mail: [email protected]!

Rome - In the footsteps of the Great Empire

Rome remains one of the important metropolises in Europe. Even if it is no longer the capital of the Great Empire, only one visit and you will be surprised by the magic of Rome. The city proudly carries a glorious past, sheltering even today the spirit of the Great Roman Empire.

Rome is an important tourist center. Among the most famous monuments are the Colosseum and the Column of Trajan. An enclave of Rome is also the Vatican State, a sovereign territory of the Holy See located in a Roman neighborhood. It is the smallest state in the world and the capital of the only religion that has representation in the United Nations (as a non-member observer state).


And if you keep coming to Rome, consider a short trip to Florence, one of the great artistic centers of the world, the City of Renaissance as it is again recognized.

The proposed package for May 1 includes: flights on the route Bucharest - Rome and return; 5 nights accommodation with breakfast hotel 4 * local standard or similar from the RAELI chain; transfer from the airport to the hotel and return; half day city tour. The rate starts at 449 EURO!

For more information and reservations, call Paralela45 Luxury: 021 34 53 712 / mail: [email protected]!

Sicily & Sardinia - May 1 in the Mediterranean

We also stay in Italy, but we travel to the islands of Sicily & Sardinia, a suitable stay for those who want beach and sun from May 1st. Eventually we reached the Mediterranean. The two islands belong to Italy and are among the largest in the Mediterranean.


The climate is mainly Mediterranean, where summer is hot and dry, and winter is mild and humid. The vegetation is always green!

I told you about Sicily, when I recommended one Easter package, and we do not hesitate to recommend it because it is always surprising.

The package proposed for May 1 includes: transport by plane on the routes Bucharest - Catania, Alghero - Turin and Turin - Bucharest; 9 nights accommodation with breakfast (5 nights in Sicily and 4 nights in Sardinia); overnight accommodation by ferry, bus transfers to / from Catania, Alghero and Turin airports; local bus transport for the whole circuit; panoramic city tour in Catania; day trip to Syracuse; day trip to Agrigento; visiting the cities of Trapani and Marsala; day trip to Palermo and Monreale; city ​​tour in Cagliari and visit to the Nora archeological site; day trip to Barbagia and Orgosolo.

Rates start at 990 EURO, but this holiday in Sicily and Sardinia will certainly be special.

For more information and reservations, call Paralela45 Luxury: 021 34 53 712 / mail: [email protected]!

Dubai - May 1 shopping and relaxation

We conclude our list of recommendations for 1 May with Dubai. What can be more beautiful and more luxurious? Dubai doesn't think it needs presentation anymore. It is a destination much loved by those who want to enjoy shopping, relaxation, fun and extravagance. Dubai has become known for the luxury found here, for the tallest buildings in the world, for one of the largest airports on the planet, but also for the many fun opportunities.


You can visit The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the world. According to information provided by Dubai authorities, this mall has been visited by over 92 by millions of people in 2015.

Did you know that there is a ski slope in Dubai? It was built in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest malls in the world. Even if there are 30-40 degrees out there, you can ski very well on the slope :).

The package proposed by me includes: flights Bucharest - Dubai - Bucharest with flyDubai and accommodation 5 nights at 4 * and 5 * hotels. Rates start at 619 EURO / person.

For more information and reservations, call Paralela45 Luxury: 021 34 53 712 / mail: [email protected]!

That said, we wish you a nice trip. Take a look at others offers Parallel 45 Luxury!

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