(P) Amusement parks for all ages

For fun with the little ones: Disneyland, Paris; Portaventura, Spain; Legoland, Dubai!

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We traveled Europe far and wide. We visited many towns and different tourist points. I walked through different parks, wandered the streets of Berlin, Madrid, Toulouse, Nuremberg, Athens and many more. I traveled for work or for leisure. I liked it all inclusive, but also on city break trips.

I also visited different amusement parks. Even if we are of age, sometimes it is good to be children. We may not have fun and get excited about many childhood things, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a ride through Disneyland or Legoland. If we are accompanied by the little ones, the joy is even greater.

In today's article, AirlinesTravel and Parallel 45 Luxury I present some amusement parks for all ages.

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland in Paris is believed to be the most popular amusement park in Europe. Most of us were glad to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald, Snow White and their friends in the classic cartoons. Disneyland represents the magical world of childhood.

Disneyland, the magical land where the heroes and heroines of Walter Disney come to life in an endless story. Disneyland Resort, which includes Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios, is in Marne-la-Vallée / Paris.


Disneyland, a more amusement park for the little ones!

PortAventura World, Spain

PortAventura World, as the name suggests, is an adventure park located at 120 kilometers from Barcelona. By visiting this park, you can discover the mysteries of Imperial China, experience the bustling life of the Far West, or explore the jungles of Polynesia.

In PortAventura World, there are roller-coaster speeds up to 135 km / h, slides, slides, playgrounds for the little ones. You can practice diving with the submarine or try your emotions in free falls by 100 meters.


Everything is animated by parades, puppet theaters, a show with huge soap bubbles, shows with exotic parrots or different dances.

PortAventura World, a more amusement park for the energetic, with lots of adrenaline and adventure.

Legoland, Dubai

Paradise #LEGO in the Middle East. Legoland from Dubai was officially opened on 31 October 2016. It is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Legoland, Dubai, represents the LEGO world for families with children. It has over 40 of interactive trails, shows and attractions and about 15.000 of structures made from over 60 of millions of LEGO bricks.


LEGOLAND Dubai has six thematic areas: LEGO CITY, ADVENTURE, KINGDOMS, IMAGINATION, FACTORY and MINILAND. Each area is unique and offers different entertainment experiences.

Legoland, Dubai, a fun hairstyle for LEGO lovers, regardless of age!

But their list is very long. Did you know that in Germany there is a park for moviegoers, to its name Movie Park Germany? Also in Germany, you can visit Tropical Island and Safari sergeants, two amusement parks with unique experiences.

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