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The beginning of June comes with attractive offers from Parallel 45 Luxury. Do not miss BLITZ Offers with offers for Antalya, Tenerife, Amalfi Coast, Costa Brava and Mallorca.

There are attractive prices on hotels of 3 ***, 4 **** and 5 *****, starting from 442 EURO (+ airport taxes) for a holiday in Costa Brava.

Of all the destinations mentioned above, I traveled to Antalya and Mallorca and I recommend them with confidence, and on the list I passed Tenerife, Amalfi Coast and Costa Brava.

Holidays in Antalya and Mallorca

But let's talk a little about our experiences in Antalya and Mallorca. Antalya is recognized for the many luxury resorts by 5 ***** with All Inclusive, Ultra All Inclusive services and who knows how many other forms of All Inclusive exist throughout the Turkish Riviera. Initially I was skeptical about this kind of vacation and I tended to criticize Antalya-loving people.


But the most correct opinion is formed by your own experience. I had the joy of discovering the all inclusive holidays and I can say I understood them. They are dedicated to those who want to enjoy full relaxation with their loved ones.


Most of the time you spend in the resort, among the pools, sunbeds, restaurants and bars. There are numerous entertainment programs, shows and leisure activities within the resorts. The hotels in Antalya are true fortresses, which have almost everything you want for your comfort.


If you want to relax, forget about your daily worries and enjoy all the comforts, choose a holiday in Antalya. Read also: Top 3 hotels of 5 luxury stars in Antalya!

Majorca is a destination completely opposite to Antalya. Hotels are in resorts and the concept of resort is not very well defined. If in Antalya, most of the resorts are on the beach, in Mallorca many hotels do not have beach opening, these are located minutes from the common beach.


The all inclusive in Spain is very different from the one in Antalya and is often not worth the money. Opt for breakfast or half board accommodation. And take the meals through the restaurants in the city or in the promenade area.

If you decide to go on a holiday in Mallorca, it would be good to schedule some trips to different sights on the island. Holiday in Mallorca is more dynamic and connects you more with the traditional local life.

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