Paravion enters the eMAG Marketplace

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As I anticipated some time ago, Paravion enters the eMAG Marketplace. Radu Apostolescu posted the information on his Facebook page! The "tourism" category appeared on the eMAG website.


The first indirect information appeared last month at the Travel Tech Conference convergence, on which occasion Răzvan Antoni, general manager of Amadeus Marketing Romania SRL, announced that something is being prepared in this direction, but without giving name.

The wheels moved, Petruş searched and found the url I followed this link daily to see the changes. Here is the phenomenon today. will sell air tickets, city breaks, holiday packages, etc. and through the eMAG Marketplace platform.

Below is some information on how to trade!

Products in this category are sold by Paravion, certified partner in eMAG Marketplace. Your order for these products will be invoiced and delivered directly by this partner. see: trade, return and guarantee policies offered by Paravion!

The official press release!

eMAG, the leader of online commerce in Eastern Europe, continues to develop the eMAG Marketplace platform by launching a new category: tourist services. In partnership with Paravion - an online travel agency (OTA), part of the Happy Tour Group - eMAG will provide its customers with the most attractive city break offers, airline tickets, vacation packages and hotel accommodation.

The certified marketplace partner,, is part of the group Happy Tour, the largest provider of tourist services in Romania, with over 18 years experience in the market.

For eMAG Tourism, the new section launched today, Paravion has designed a special portfolio of domestic and international tourism offers. In addition to exclusive offers, eMAG customers will also be able to book on the platform and airline tickets for any destination, through any airline, as well as rooms in tens of thousands of hotels worldwide.

"The objective of eMAG is to become number one on each of the segments that we access through the eMAG Marketplace platform," said Bogdan Axinia, Director of eMAG Marketplace. "In the tourism area, we believe that city break packages have great potential. Because this type of vacation, long 2-3 days, are as easy to slip into the program as they are to be purchased, we expect significant growth in this segment in the near future. Further, our goal is to bring on eMAG the most attractive promotions and on the airline segment and, in the medium term, our plan is to have our own charterers for the special packages eMAG Tourism ”explained Bogdan Axinia.

eMAG Marketplace is the system through which the partners display their offers on Thus, customers can order an impressive range of products simultaneously, from books, music, film, to RCA and travel insurance, DIY products, toys and, now, even tourist offers. All eMAG Marketplace partners are carefully evaluated and monitored to meet the quality standards with which eMAG customers are accustomed.

"Partnering with eMAG, the leader of online commerce, means for us an increased addressability of our offers," said Javier Garcia del Valle, EVP / CEO of Happy Tour Group. "We are convinced that the experience of leaders on both sides will soon materialize in important sales and we expect the market to respond quickly."

Paravion, the first Romanian 100% online travel agency, was acquired in 2010 by the GED investment fund, through Happy Tour, as part of the plan to consolidate a leader in the tourism services market, whose operations could be extended and in other countries in Europe.

"Indeed, we are considering for the future an extension of the partnership with Paravion in all countries in the region where we will enter with eMAG," said Radu Apostolescu, Vice President and Development Director of eMAG. "By the way, this is the plan for all Marketplace partners who have priceless products and the ability to deliver abroad," he said.

For starters, "tourism" products will not be commissioned in the profitshare affiliate program. eMAG Turism is still in beta and the commissioning policy that will apply to this category of products will be established in the future.

Paravion - an online travel agency (OTA), part of the Happy Tour Group
eMAG - the leader in online commerce in Eastern Europe

  1. Mihai says

    I was always curious to know what kind of database all ticket booking sites use. From what I studied it seems to be the same. maybe you mean me Sorine. Thanks a lot!

  2. Sorin says

    Yes, there are several common data centers - - a solution. But they are much more!

    1. Mihai says

      Thank you Sorin!

  3. Marius says

    @Mihai In RO, two GDSs (Global Distribution System) are generally used for IATA companies - Amadeus and Worldspan (part of Travelport).
    For low cost tickets there are two main variants of Travelfusion in the UK and Partners in Germany.
    In other areas, systems offering non-GDS solutions such as ITA Software (recently acquired by Google) are strongly growing.
    At the base all the information comes in fact from the management system of the airlines of which the most known at European level is Amdeus Altea.

  4. Mihai says

    @Marius thanks for the clarifications, now I have a much clearer picture.

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