Paravion is the first travel agency to launch an SMS notification service

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We all know that the 21st century is one of speed and technology, and global trends are towards mobility. As in any field, the tourism industry must also adapt to the new rules of communication and development. Paravion is the first online tourism services agency in Romania that adapts to these rules and has launched the first SMS notification service, through which you can access in real time all the information needed for a trip.

Thus, through the new service, Paravion launches the concept of "smart travel", with which you can opt by subscription to optimize your travel experience, receiving directly useful mobile information such as the weather forecast of the destination, the online reservation code or updates in time. real regarding any changes to the booked flight schedule.

The job is as simple and efficient as possible. You have made the online reservations on Paravion after which you receive in a single SMS a personalized link with all the information you need or may need during the trip. The service is developed by Paravion on the Sound of Data platform, currently used in over 23 countries, and the SMS service is accessed monthly by 350.000 from users around the world.

I can say that this service can be another reason to choose a travel agency for your travels.

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