Paris Air Show 2017: Wizz Air has still ordered 10 Airbus A321ceo aircraft

Wizz Air Holdings Plc today announced an additional order for 10 Airbus A321ceo aircraft powered by IAE International Aero AG's V2500 ("Airbus Agreement") engines.

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These aircraft will be added to the Wizz Air fleet in 2018 and 2019 and will support the significant development plans of Wizz Air, which are responding to the growing demand for air travel in Central and Eastern Europe.

Still 10 A321ceo aircraft for Wizz Air

Based on the current price list, the value of the new order for Airbus SAS and IAE International Aero Engines AG is approximately 1,16 billion, although Airbus granted significant discounts for Wizz Air.

The company will remain flexible in establishing the most favorable method of financing aircraft under the Airbus Agreement.

Wizz Air has been operating with Airbus A321 aircraft since November 2015, and currently uses 19 ultra-efficient 230 aircraft with seats, while other 22 A321 aircraft will join the company's fleet until 2019.

Wizz Air saves 10% of the unit cost with the A321 compared to the A320, which allows the airline to continue expanding its network in Europe and continue to offer the lowest prices for its customers.

Wizz Air is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe

Wizz Air is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe and one of the best profit margins. The new aircraft will be added to the firm order of 110 state-of-the-art A321neo flight equipment already ordered and to be delivered from 2019.

Thus, they will make the company's fleet in 2024 more than double. This will allow the company to maintain its position as the largest low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe and the operating costs to become the best in the category.

Given the costs in the official price list of the Airbus Agreement with the Company, the acquisition can be considered a "Class 1 transaction" according to the listing rules and therefore the signing of the agreement with Airbus may be conditional on the approval of Wizz Air shareholders. Another announcement in this regard will be made in the next period.

The current Wizz Air fleet comprises 83 of aircraft in the A320 family (64 A320 and 19 A321). The average age of aircraft, 4,4 years ago, makes it one of the youngest fleets of any major European airline. Wizz Air also has an Airbus order for 110 new A321neo aircraft with advanced delivery systems and engines starting with 2019.

About Airbus A321ceo

The A321ceo is the largest member of the A320 family and offers the best costs per passenger among existing single-aisle aircraft, including passenger space is comparable to that of a widebody aircraft. This long-body aircraft has a total length of 44,51 meters and offers enough space to comfortably accommodate 185 passengers - or up to 236 in a high-density seat.

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