Coronavirus: Suspicious coronavirus passenger at Otopeni Airport, taken by ambulance and transported to Matei Balș hospital

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Today, January 25, 2020, Ryanair flight commander FR2839, who was flying on the Tel Aviv-Bucharest route, requested the presence of a medical team at the landing. An Israeli passenger had some flu symptoms.

The aircraft landed at 15.51:112 pm and, following the intervention of the airport medical service, the passenger was taken by an XNUMX ambulance and transferred to Matei Balș hospital.

Suspicious passenger of coronavirus at Otopeni Airport

The passenger informed the cabin crew that he was in China 3 months ago, making him suspected of coronavirus.

All measures were taken in accordance with the protocol and medical procedures in place. Following the checks carried out by the specialized personnel of the authority in the field, the other 178 passengers were disembarked on a normal flow.

Passengers will leave the contact details to the authorities to be informed if coronavirus (although there is a minimum chance of confirmation) is confirmed to the suspicious passenger.

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