Passengers made a call to repay a Thomas Cook crew on a repatriation flight

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As you well know, Thomas Cook Group UK went bankrupt, including Thomas Cook Airlines. The bankruptcy of the giant Thomas Cook affected over 600 000 of tourists, over 150 000 being from the United Kingdom. In addition to the affected passengers, they lost their jobs and over 20 000 people, including airline personnel.

Thus, the British Government and the Civil Aviation Authority UK (CAA) have put into practice largest repatriation operation, in time of peace, from the world. Over 50 planes have been leased, which will operate over 1000 flights to bring those on vacation home. The operation will last until 6 October.

Passengers were rewarded with a Thomas Cook crew

Some of the aircraft used at Operation Matterhorn are even those of Thomas Cook. Proven work on ZT1155 flight, from September 25, which was operated by Airbus A321 (YL-LCZ).

And now comes a beautiful story, which shows us that the human side exists in each of us. Michelle Jubb was aboard the ZT1155 flight. He admired the crew of Thomas Cook, who were dressed in the company uniform. They did their job professionally, even though there were no catering services on board.

Of those found, the cabin crew volunteered on this flight, with no remuneration. The purpose of the companions on board was to bring tourists home safely. Knowing that there are no catering services, the crew managed to collect tea and coffee so that passengers could consume something warm on board the plane.

This impressed Michelle Jubb and, along with other passengers, she managed to mobilize the entire plane for a charter. Many of the tourists were really generous in this regard. The lump sum was handed over to the head of the cabin, who burst into tears. The images speak for themselves.

Let's never forget to be human!

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