Turkish Airlines will broadcast the Super Bowl in its aircraft

Turkish Airlines passengers will be able to experience the Super Bowl atmosphere in airplanes!

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On 5 February, Turkish Airlines will transmit Super Bowl in its planes, most likely in those with an internet connection. Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies in most countries, will provide passengers with a true American match atmosphere above 9000 meters altitude.

National Football League (NFL) Finals, Super Bowl 2017, will be broadcast on 5 February, at 6: 30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). It will be played by the New England Patriots
(AFC) and Atlanta Falcons (NFC). Mr. Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing Officer of Turkish Airlines, said that the Turkish carrier does not only offer a simple flight, but a full height experience.

Super Bowl in airplanes

Turkish Airlines is not the first live sporting event on its aircraft. On 22 March 2015, El Clásico could be watched live over 9000 meters, on Turkish Airlines aircraft. The match was broadcast on 17 long-courier flights.

Turkish Airlines, the European company no.1 according to Skytrax, offers a good entertainment service on board its aircraft. Long-haul flights also offer high-speed Internet services.

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