Passenger air traffic from / to Cluj International Airport, during the winter holidays

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 Over 57.000 passengers traveled during the winter holidays on and from the International Airport "Avram Iancu" Cluj, the main air gate of Transylvania.

The total number of passengers transported on the external routes between Christmas Eve and New Year is about 52.500, while on the internal routes, almost 5.000 passengers traveled.

Thus, between December 24, 2019 and January 1, 2020, 26.300 passengers boarded the aircraft serving the 38 external destinations operated from Cluj-Napoca. During the same period, 26.319 passengers arrived in Cluj on external routes. The busiest day of this period was December 30, with 6.686 passengers carried on external routes (3.474 dressed, respectively 3.212 landed).

Over 57.000 passengers flew from / to Cluj during the holidays

The last regular flight of 2019 was the Wizz Air flight from Zaragoza, which landed in Cluj on December 31, just before midnight. The first passengers of 2020 were registered on the Malmo - Cluj flight, which landed in Cluj in the first minutes of the year.

On the first day of 2020, 1.975 passengers arrived in Cluj-Napoca from abroad, while 3.215 passengers were embarked on external routes. The total number of passengers registered on 01.01.2020 on these routes was 5.190.

Regarding the domestic routes, the total number of passengers carried during the holidays was 4.808, December 30 being in this case the busiest day.

“Avram Iancu” International Airport Cluj is the first regional airport in Romania and registered in 2019 a record number of over 2,9 million passengers.

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