A passenger must pay 172 000 for damages to Hawaiian Airlines

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These days, the US court has convicted Kyong Chol Kim to 6 months in jail and 172 000 payment to Hawaiian Airlines, damages for deflecting the flight.

But let's see what happened. On 27 February 2019, South Korean Kyong Chol Kim drank a bottle of whiskey before the Honolulu-Seoul flight operated by Hawaiian Airlines.

Damage of 172 000 of dollars

On board, during the flight, the drunk passenger began to scandal and shake the atmosphere. He got dressed with an on-board escort. Finally, he was restrained by a federal police representative. Following the 11 attacks in September, there are police representatives on / to the United States for flight safety.

Following the scandal, the aircraft commander decided to return to Honolulu to disembark the recalcitrant passenger and drink. All this scandal will cost Kyong Chol Kim 6 months of freedom and 172 000 of dollars. The owner of a hotel in Seoul, the man promised to pay that amount to Hawaiian Airlines.

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