When does Easter 2025 fall? See when Orthodox and Catholic Easter falls in 2025!

See when Easter 2025 falls! Easter is a holiday whose date is variable and on which other holidays depend, such as Pentecost. Two natural phenomena are taken into account to calculate the exact date of the Easter holidays.

The way in which the day when Easter falls is established was established in the year 325, within the Ecumenical Synod of Nicaea. The date of Easter is influenced by two important natural phenomena: the spring equinox, which takes place on March 21, and the full moon. Because the full moon varies, the date of Easter also varies. But also in the fourth century it was established that Easter day should always be Sunday.

When is Easter 2025?

Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter usually have different dates because the two churches use different calendars for calculation. The Catholic Passover is calculated according to the Gregorian Calendar. Orthodox Easter is calculated according to the Julian Calendar. Rarely, the feast of Easter (Orthodox and Catholic) will fall on the same day. The next date on which the two holidays will coincide will be April 20, 2025.

And since we have a few days left and we will move into the year 2023, are you curious to know when Easter 2025 falls? According to the Orthodox calendar, Orthodox Easter 20254 is celebrated on April 20. To avoid confusion, Easter is the celebration of the Lord's Resurrection. Catholic Easter will also be celebrated on April 20, 2025!

Thanks to the calculation formula, it was possible to determine when Easter will fall in the following years: 2025 – April 20; 2026 – April 12; 2027 – May 2; 2028 – April 16; 2029 – April 8; 2030 – April 28.