You can pay by card on board Blue Air aircraft

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Blue Air has taken another step in the technology of on-board services. He introduced card payment on board his planes. Shopping on board they are now much easier to make on the plane. The card payment can be made for any product purchased during the flight.

This service is available on flights departing from / to Bucharest (OTP) Bacau(BCM) yes Iasi (IAS). Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards are accepted. Payments can only be made in lei, within the limit of 400 lei / card.

Payment by card in Blue Air planes

From personal experience, this service is very useful when you fly and you have no cash available or you do not have the appropriate currency. I paid with the card on different flights. Even though I have a LEI card, it was converted into the appropriate currency.

Gradually, Blue Air aligns its services with other airlines. We know all too well that Blue Air is no longer a low-cost carrier, but a Smart Flying company. You can customize your plane ticket with the services you want, according to your needs.

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