Payment methods at Blue Air: now through PayPal

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In a technology-driven world, airlines are starting to adapt and implement new online services. It is easier for us to check in online, to search and buy air tickets online, to do online transactions.

Blue Air supports and implements passengers payment via PayPal. For those who don't know, PayPal is the largest online payment processing company in the world, owned by the online giant eBay. You can now choose to pay Blue Air plane tickets through PayPal, for any reservation made in EUR, USD or GBP. To benefit from this feature, you only need one PayPal account to complete the transaction.

The PayPal option only appears if you set it to pay in EUR, USD or GBP!
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Below you have the payment options available if you choose to pay in lei!

Payment methods at Blue Air! (click on the picture)

Since December 2015, Blue Air has moved to a more transparent system regarding payment methods and commissions. In other words, Blue Air took out bank fees when buying air tickets. As you can see, you can even benefit from a discount of 5 EURO / segment if you choose to pay by bank transfer, cash deposit to accredited banks, terminal payments (ZebraPay, QIWI, Rompay).

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