On April 7, an Antonov AN-124 aircraft will transport medical equipment to Romania

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Last days I was present to you schedule of cargo flights, which will bring to Romania the necessary medical equipment in the fight with the new COVID-19. According to the calendar, on April 7, an Antonov AN-124 aircraft will land in Bucharest.

The presence of a AN-124 in Bucharest it is not a premiere. This type of plane has been to Romania, even several times. According to the chart, the aircraft will carry 200 suits, visors and over 000 million gloves.

Antonov AN-124 will transport medical equipment to Romania

It is not the only aircraft loaded with medical equipment, which will arrive this month in Romania. UNIFARM Director General Adrian Ionel said that another 12 cargo aircraft will bring the necessary ones to line I physicians: protective masks, goggles, suits, medical equipment and reagents.

On April 9, 20 and 27, three Boeing 747 aircraft loaded with medical equipment arrive in Romania. At the same time, regular DHL races will also bring the various equipment and equipment needed to fight the new coronavirus.

On April 14, another Antonov AN-124 will land in Bucharest. It will come from Zhengzhou, China. On April 15, a Boeing 747 Silkway West Airlines will land at Henri Coanda - Otopeni International Airport.

“They are not the only transports that will come to Romania. Many other equipment will be landed from the Netherlands and Austria. The goods, which will come, will provide the necessary for 2 and a half months from this moment ”, declared Adrian Ionel.

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