Otopeni will operate with a single runway - takeoffs / landings

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Cristian Geambaşu (gsp.ro) was in the control tower of the Otopeni airport! As I announced yesterday, it's a tough day for Henric Coandă airport staff. It's announced the busiest day in the airport's history, with over 80 of charters scheduled to bring fans of the Spanish teams to Bucharest.

What caught my attention, from the report on gsp, was the very idea that these days Otopeni will operate with a single runway - takeoffs / landings. The nearly 80 planes that brought in Atletico and Athletic supporters will block one of the airport's two runways.

And below are some interesting figures, which Cristian Geambaşu managed to gather from those who monitor and control the air traffic at Otopeni Airport:

60 of aircraft with Spanish supporters will take off from Otopeni International Airport on Wednesday night through Thursday during 5 hours

335 of aircraft there will be air traffic on Otopeni today, on the day of the final

36 of traffic controllers they have worked and will work in shifts each Wednesday and Thursday

20 of aircraft and not more than NUMBER of passengers I can go through Otopeni airport in the course for an hour now

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