People from aviation: Anamaria Rosca - cabin crew

In the project "people in aviation", we interview people with the job in aviation. Some are in flight, others on the ground. In commercial aviation, everything works in a very well developed system, the purpose being to transport passengers safely and on time.

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The cabin attendants have an important role to play in the flight. They are on board to ensure a quiet, comfortable and safe flight. I'm not on board to be waiters or waiters, as some of the passengers think.

The activities carried out by them on board are of comfort and safety. And the catering service is a plus offered (free or paid) to the passengers. Our advice is to respect them, ask them when you have any questions, and even ask for their help when you feel you need it.

In today's interview, we talk to Anamaria Rosca - flight attendant at Blue Air.

Anamaria Rosca - cabin crew


To get acquainted! Are we talking to?

My name is Anamaria Rosca and I am a flight attendant for Blue Air. In the following lines I will tell you a few things about this job.

Where did your passion for aviation come from and how did you decide to enter the field?

My passion for aviation appeared in 2011, when I flew for the first time, together with my parents, on the route Bucharest - Barcelona. It was a flight operated by Blue Air.

On board the aircraft I met the beautiful stewardesses, at which point I told my parents that I would like to have such a job.

I made the decision to join Universifly in February 2017, at the suggestion of my husband. I was also inspired by his aunt, who worked as a cabin crew member at Syrian Airlines.

What does your job involve and how much of an applicant is it?

This job is a demanding one because we have to be very careful about the flight and the safety of the passengers. At the same time, we must always have a positive attitude, to work in a team. In aviation, everything is based on communication and let's not forget the smile.

These are the necessary ingredients that intertwine a successful day in the life of a flight attendant. We often encounter questions like: "Tomorrow what are you doing, are you at work?"

Honestly, it is wonderful when my loved ones call me, almost daily to find out which destination I will go to the next day, because I fly every time with another crew to a different destination, with different people.

In the nine months since I am Cabin Crew, I can say I am proud of the choice I made. I go to work around the world.

What has been your professional career so far? Can you tell us about aviation jobs?

I finished Theoretical High School Panait Cerna (Brăila), then I attended the Faculty of Letters of the University of the Lower Danube (Galati) in the hope that I will become a teacher as I have wanted since childhood.

Despite the fact that my parents were somewhat reserved about this job, believing it to be dangerous, I was ambitious. I took the exams, in order to obtain the certificate of cabin crew member, at the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority. Then I held the interview to work for Blue Air.

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I know you don't have a fixed schedule. How do you divide yourself between work, private life and family life?

In a month of activity, I enjoy morning flights, beautiful scenery, or night flights when the moon and stars keep me company on the way home, that's after I safely transport passengers to their destinations. And of course, there are days when I'm booked, ready to arrive at the airport as soon as possible to fulfill my duties.

Of course, on holidays I go home to my family or most often plan my next vacation with my husband.

I think the greatest wealth of a man are the memories that the soul enjoys. In 2017 I visited Saarbrucken, Rome, Dubai and different mountain areas of Romania.

In 2018, we set out to see many more places, so in mid-January we visited London. Flying is my passion, and he understood that, so he is more than happy when we fly together.

What are your future professional plans? Do you want to stay in aviation or pursue another job?

I love aviation and radiate happiness when I walk with my colleagues through the airport, wearing the company uniform. Our mission is to smile, to make sure that all procedures are followed for a safe but comfortable flight because we want our passengers to feel good on board Blue Air aircraft.

In just a few months, I advanced like the Cabin Crew no. 2, having more responsibility during the flight. Honestly, I want to stay here in the future.

It's the company I first flew with, so it's the company that made me fall in love with aviation.

In your job I suspect there are no monotonous days. Can you tell us how a day at work is going? Have you had ups and downs, pleasant situations and less pleasant ones?

I chose aviation because every day is unique. For me, each flight represents another story in my log cabin crew. I often meet people who are happy when they see me on board, the "black-eyed blonde."

A day at work begins at the briefing room, where I meet the whole crew. The aircraft commander gives us all the information about the aircraft we will fly with, the flight time, the destination, the route and the weather on the route, then the senior cabin crew checks all the documents, gives us details about the number of passengers, our position in the cabin, and in Finally, we repeat the normal and emergency procedures.

The next step is to prepare the aircraft, so we check the equipment, take over the catering products and then perform a security check. After all, we occupy our positions in the cabin and welcome the passengers.

All this time I only encountered slight turbulence. A passenger, on the first flight, asked me: "what are the turbulences?". Being an unaccompanied minor, I considered it appropriate to explain them in terms that were not complicated, so I told them that our "clouds" were coming out of the plane and it was a little harder for them to get through. The little girl's laughter filled my heart with happiness, she said, "You are so cute, everything is easy with you." Then when I came back to see if it was okay, she was sleeping.

What advice do you have for those who want to pursue a career in aviation?

The wings exist! All you have to do is fly! Aviation is not easy, it involves a lot of knowledge about flight safety, passenger safety, aircraft safety, but also about first aid, communication between crew members in any situation and of course safety.

We all try to offer the best for a safe flight. In conclusion, passion has to be the basic element to succeed, but also the love of flying and airplanes! I wish everyone success who wants to go on this road, a lot of patience and perseverance.

We thank Anamaria for the passion with which you shared your flying experience. We wish you smooth flights, as beautiful and turbulent as possible.

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