People from aviation: Claudia Mocanu - senior cabin crew

We continue the series of mini-interviews, in the category "people from aviation", with Claudia Mocanu - senior cabin crew. We have known Claudia for about 4 years, from the time she was on board with Air Bucharest. Today, Claudia is a senior cabin crew member at a major airline in Romania.

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After talking to Smaranda - First Officer and Mihaela - Checkin And Boarding Agent, we continue the series of mini-interviews with Claudia - senior cabin crew.


Claudia Mocanu - senior cabin crew

The on-board companion job is not easy, but it is beautiful and dynamic. And we want to mention that a flight attendant is not a "waiter" on board the plane, but a man prepared to intervene in crisis situations. The cabin crew is on board to ensure a smooth flight. But you'll find out more in the mini-interview below!

To get acquainted! Are we talking to?

My name is Claudia Mocanu and you will find out more about me and my career in the ranks below!


Where did your passion for aviation come from and how did you decide to enter the field?

My passion for aviation came from when I was little, when I saw a crew entering one of the hotels in the city where I grew up. And now I have their image in mind: flawless uniforms and imposing stature.

My journey to this job started in the 11 class. One evening, while watching my father on a movie about the life of a stewardess, he told me "I'd be very proud if I saw you like that." And that's how my dream started to become a reality!

Initially in high school I followed a real profile, and my dream was to attend medical school. But here I have fulfilled my dream of being a stewardess, and my father is very proud. I flew for the first time in May 2013 at Air Bucharest.

What does your job involve and how much of an applicant is it?

It is a demanding job since the first flights, and the tasks become more and more complex as you progress.

I am currently the head of a cabin at one of the largest airlines in Romania. This position involves a lot of discipline, seriousness and self-control because you have to coordinate and organize the entire activity on board. In certain situations you have to make quick and correct decisions.

How hard is it to get on board? What are the steps to take?

To become a flight attendant you must follow the courses of an aviation school, which also involves a simulator for training. You need to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and equipment you use in such situations.

Then follow the exams for obtaining the flight license that is given to the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

I know you don't have a fixed schedule. How do you divide yourself between work, private life and family life?

Indeed the program is sometimes chaotic and never fixed. There are days when I am free in the morning, days when I am free in the evening, days in stand-by and free days.

I manage to successfully split between home and flight due to the fact that I return from the race on the same day I leave.

It is a little harder in the summer, when charter flights start and the program is more loaded. Then fatigue builds up and I often prefer to rest instead of spend time with my friends. But with little will and coordination it is time for everyone.

What are your future professional plans? Do you want to stay in aviation or pursue another job?

My plans for the future are, of course, also related to aviation. Once you enter this world, you no longer want to leave. I wish that in the future I will take my qualification as an instructor and I can pass them on to others in my passion for flying.

In your job I suspect there are no monotonous days. Can you tell us how a day at work is going? Have you had ups and downs, pleasant situations and less pleasant ones?

Each flight is different because you always take off to another destination, you have another crew and more than 100 passengers on the plane.

An ordinary day starts at the briefing room, where I meet the whole crew. We receive flight information from the commander of the aircraft. We find out the aircraft we are flying with, the destination, the flight time, the number of passengers, the route and the weather on the route.

Then I also inform my colleagues. We determine what position and duties each one has on the plane and we deal with the different situations that may arise during the flight.

After arriving at the plane, we prepare the cabin (equipment check, catering, security check). we take our seats on the plane and greet the passengers.

After departure, we begin the service on board. If the flight is longer than 2.5 hours, we go out twice to serve passengers. After landing, there is security check and cleaning on the plane.

On the course of the nearly 3000 flight hours I encountered many situations. Even in the first months of flight, on the Antalya-Bucharest flight, the aircraft was depressurized, but of course we are prepared for such situations, and the aircraft safely reached the ground.

What advice do you have for those who want to pursue a career in aviation, especially as flight attendants?

Follow their dream and be persevering!

Finally, we would like to add a few more recommendations. If you want to pursue a job in aviation, first of all you will be driven by the passion for flying, for airplanes. Then follow and channel your energies into fulfilling your dreams.

Thanks Claudia for the short story. We wish you beautiful flights and fulfill your dreams!

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    She is a girl with very good sense, professional and besides, and very cute. A pleasure every time I fly with Claudia. Nice flights I want!

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