Aviation People: Dana Paraschiv - Checkin and boarding agent

We continue the series of interviews within the project "People From Aviation". Below is the interview with Dana Paraschiv - Checkin and boarding agent. Dana works at Romanian Airport Services (RAS).

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Dana Paraschiv is a "checkin and boarding agent". I mean, she handles your check-in, but also boarding planes. It's not an easy job, but it comes with many benefits. I'll let Dana tell you more in the interview below!


Dana Paraschiv - Checkin and boarding agent

To get acquainted! Are we talking to?

Hi! My name is Dana and I am a check-in / boarding agent at a handling company.

Where did your passion for aviation come from and how did you decide to enter the field?

Surprisingly, there was really no passion for aviation. I entered the field by accident. The faculty I graduated from was in the first year of collaboration with - Romanian Airport Services, the current handling company where I work. I practiced at RAS for 3 weeks and that's how my aviation story began. I was "infected" with this passion for airplanes.

What does your job involve and how much of an applicant is it?

The company I work for applies the following motto: "Customer Services is an attitude not a department!"


Working in the front office is always a challenge. I am the one with whom passengers begin their journeys. In addition to the details I have to pay attention to, I must always be cheerful and welcoming.

What has been your professional career so far? Can you tell us about aviation jobs?

I started this job during college. Until then, I only had seasonal jobs. In a handling company, there are several departments, I also worked in the operational department.

Those from the ground to the operational take care of the plane from landing to departure. It handles the baggage disembarkation / boarding, handles the passenger embarkation / disembarkation in complete safety. The aircraft is powered by fuel and the catering side.

I did one year of check-in, one year of TRC (turn around coordinator), now I'm back on check-in because it suits me best.

I know you don't have a fixed schedule. How do you divide yourself between work, private life and family life?

I don't have a family yet, but my boyfriend understands my request schedule, even though we don't stay together for as long as we want.

I work in fixed shifts, so I can calculate my schedule for a longer period. I like what I do, that's why I always try to find a balance so as not to neglect the job, the family.

What are your future professional plans? Do you want to stay in aviation or pursue another job?

I am always asked why I do not choose to take a job as a flight attendant. The explanation is that I like the soil more, as a handling agent. At this point, after 3 half years working in the airport, I do not see myself working in another field.

In your job I suspect there are no monotonous days. Can you tell us how a day at work is going? Have you had ups and downs, pleasant situations and less pleasant ones?

Fortunately, no day resembles another. Indeed, some days are quieter, others more hectic.

The night before we receive daily planning, where we find out which flights we are allocated. I check in for all the companies with which RAS collaborates. We open the check-in with 3 hours before, regardless of the company.

Every day, personally, I process hundreds of passengers. I check in, check their luggage and check their travel documents. After closing the check-in, I go to the gate and prepare for boarding.

The embarkation process must proceed quickly and any irregularity may lead to a delay. After the plane takes off, the flight map closes.

Unfortunate situations appear, unfortunately, especially when we have delayed or canceled flights. All this is compensated by the pleasant / fun moments, which welcome and energize us.

To give an example, 3 passengers on the flight to Tel Aviv were refused because they lit their woolen cigarettes while waiting to board.

Instead, at check-in, I received a bunch of snacks from a passenger.

What advice do you have for those who want to pursue a career in aviation, especially as flight attendants?

In each airport there are several handling companies. The program is similar to all companies, but depends on the flight schedule.

You don't have to like Aviation or know "what to eat" this area. You "virus" on the go and learn everything you need through specialized training. Soon you will fall in love with this job. Of course, you have to be a cheerful, welcoming and dynamic person.


In closing, I want to tell you that Dana had the joy of photographing many local and international stars. Another plus to the benefits of this job.

Thank you, Dana! Easy service still!

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