Aviation people: Lacramioara Preda - cabin crew

A new week, we have stories with "People in Aviation". In today's interview, you will be able to find out the story of Lăcrămioara Preda, cabin crew at Blue Air.

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We continue the series of interviews with "People in aviation". I recently spoke with Lăcrămioarei Preda, cabin crew at a large Romanian airline. He has over 700 hours flying on the Blue Air aircraft and loves what he does. But you can read more in the interview below.

Lacramioara Preda - cabin crew


To get acquainted! Are we talking to?

Hi! My name is Lacrămioara and I am a flight attendant.

Where did your passion for aviation come from and how did you decide to enter the field?

Although I did not dream to enter this area, it was always a pleasure to be at the airport. It seemed fascinating to me all that was happening there, with the people from the check-in, security and, not least, the flight crews that I was following with all their admiration because they emanated elegance, professionalism, safety.


The decision to enter aviation came in the 10th grade. As with most 16-18 teens, some know what they want to do in life, others are still undecided.

I didn't find myself. One evening, while discussing various topics that might have influenced my future, I received from my aunt the suggestion to take an aviation school.

She told me that this job would be great for me, due to my passion for flying and airplanes. Now here I am, doing what I love!

What does your job involve and how much of an applicant is it?

This job involves a lot of patience and calm. And of course communication and teamwork are essential to every flight. We are a crew and each one plays an important and well defined role in the plane. In the end, we are on the plane for passenger safety and comfort.

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It is a beautiful job, but demanding. We have to be careful and monitor everything that happens in the aircraft. We take care of the passengers, as well as the entire cabin to avoid any unpleasant situations that may occur during the flight.

What has been your professional career so far? Can you tell us about aviation jobs?

After I finished high school, my next step was to take an aviation school. Which is what happened. Following the examinations from the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, I also obtained the certificate of cabin crew member.

At this moment they are cabin crew in the company of Blue Air, and the experience I have accumulated can be seen in the 700 of flight hours accumulated over a year.

I know you don't have a fixed schedule. How do you divide yourself between work, private life and family life?

There really is no fixed program. It is not that program that you sit on Sunday evenings and think about: "Tomorrow is months and I have to wake up at 7 in the morning, stay 8 / 12 hours at work." There is no routine.

It is a light program, which allows me to save time for myself, to rest, but also to be able to go home with my family. Summer, in full season, is a more demanding program, with flights almost doubling. In the few moments when I don't fly, I rest.

What are your future professional plans? Do you want to stay in aviation or pursue another job?

For me, aviation is the most beautiful "vice". From the moment I "tasted" in this area, I became addicted and I don't see myself doing anything else.

I love what I do, and my plan for the future is, of course, aviation. I want to fly as much as possible, time to gather experiences that I will relate to my grandchildren :). The next step is to become a senior cabin crew, and in the future, why not, an instructor.

In your job I suspect there are no monotonous days. Can you tell us how a day at work is going? Have you had ups and downs, pleasant situations and less pleasant ones?

Every day is different and special at the same time. They always fly with another crew, in a different configuration and there are always other passengers.

I always leave home with the positive thought: "Today I will have another beautiful day and I go to work with a smile, with a smile on my lips, and the flight will be a quiet one, without any problems."

Of course, everything can not always be pink, aviation being an unpredictable area. But I can consider myself a lucky person, because on my flights I have encountered only slight turbulence.

What advice do you have for those who want to pursue a career in aviation?

First of all, to be very informed about what aviation means and what it involves. It is not an easy domain, but it is extraordinarily beautiful! Any road is difficult, but not impossible.

Let them put soul and passion into what they do, and with patience and ambition they will get where they want. I wish them all success and hope to see you soon in the blue sky, among the fluffy clouds.

Thank you, Lăcrămioara! Clear skies and smooth flights!

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