Street photography exhibition "Ruecarest / Bucurestrada", at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest

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Between February 4 - 1 May 2015, Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport hosts the street photography exhibition "Ruecarest / Bucurestrada", signed by Fred Fogherty (France). The exhibition was presented to the public for the first time between 28 November and 22 December 2014, at the French Institute in Bucharest.

Most of the street photographs exposed at AIHCB are taken in Bucharest and surprise the urban specificity, presenting to the passengers of the largest airport in Romania the reality, identity and charm of the Capital.

Winner of the "Magic Eye" photography competition, organized by the Monuments and Tourist Heritage Administration of the Bucharest City Hall, Fred Fogherty has discovered his talent for photography in a trip around the world, performed like the character of Jules Verne, in 80 de days.

Today, his photographs reflect his own artistic vision of people and places around the world. Its philosophy is to show cities in a different way to their own inhabitants, while developing one of the five senses, to observe.

"I just arrived in Bucharest, it took me some time to get to know this city, because I didn't want to tune it, but I preferred to let its charm act on me, as a sweet and enchanting music. Photographing the streets around the world, I gained some experience, but here in Bucharest, I felt that I must be more delicate, more patient!

This city can show you great pictures, because if you know how to look at it, it will reveal your soul. And so, through this photo exhibition, I want to present my vision of this city that has irresistibly conquered me with its charm.
I wish you a wonderful journey among the images captured by me, in the hope that they will inspire you to discover or rediscover Bucharest! ” - Fred Fogherty.

"Ruecarest / Bucurestrada"At the AIHCB is enrolled in the program"Airport - bridge between cultures”, Through which the Bucharest Airports National Company builds relationships, becoming a meeting point between tourist and artistic destinations, cultures, nations. By hosting this exhibition, the airport brings together, in a motivating confluence, the French Institute, the temperamental Bucharest that has fascinated and continues to fascinate generations and the magical eye of Fred Fogherty.

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