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Pictures "Flight in the twilight" at BIAS 2012 - Băneasa Air Show

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The first day of BIAS 2012, July 21, ended with a special air show - "Flight in the Twilight". I watched aerobatics in the light of a setting sun. There were also fireworks, pyrotechnic exercises, paratroopers who came down with fireworks tied to their feet. It is difficult to describe in a few lines the sensation experienced. I better leave you with the photos taken at the event. A picture can say a thousand words.

The hawks of Romania they did a great show at dusk.

Acrobats and Jurgis Kairys they made a show with smoke and fireworks!

Solo demo C 27 Spartan - landing / taking off and throwing fireworks

gliders at sunset.

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  1. Cris-Mary says

    Faine the pictures 😀 I was very sorry that I was not in Bucharest to shoot some frames 🙁

  2. Sorin says

    Thank you thank you! It was a very cool event! In these pictures I had no patience to process them! :) With another occasion we can take the cameras to the camera 🙂

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