Female pilots on the sleeve of an Airbus A380 Emirates for International Women's Day

Commander Nevin Darwish (Egypt) - the first woman of Arab origin to arrive on Airbus A380. First Officer Al Muhairi - the youngest female pilot flying on Airbus A380.

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For International Women's Day, Emirates presents the female crew in the cockpit of an Airbus A380. commander Nevin Darwish (Egypt) and the co-pilot Al Muhairi (UAE) they piloted the Airbus A380 aircraft professionally on the Dubai - Vienna flight. It is not a unique situation, but we are glad to see more and more women in the cockpit.


Female pilots on the sleeve of an Airbus A380 Emirates

Emirates has over 29 000 of employed women, representing 44% of the company's workforce. Over 18.000 women are part of the cabin crew and have ages between 20 and 59 years (including pilots), while the rest operate throughout the company. Almost 2,5% of all female staff hold senior management positions at Emirates.

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