Air France pilots strike with strike on 11 January 2018

According to the site, the 3 big pilots unions in France - SNPL, SPAF and Alter - want to organize a joint strike and ask Air France pilots to stop the activity on 11 January 2018.

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A strike also has a very important cause. In the present case, according to the same publications, the case is related to an incident that took place at Paris Orly International Airport.

Strike on 11 January 2018

Air France's management would have put pressure and landed an aircraft commander for refusing to fly with a "degraded crew".

According to a statement sent by the National Union of Airline Pilots, on 4 January 2018, all pilots' unions will call Greek on 11 January, exactly one week later.

They are protesting against the management of Air France, which has questioned the ability of the commander to maintain a high level of safety on board the aircraft. Moreover, the commander in question was disembarked and replaced against his will.

This commander, renowned for his professional qualities and respected by all, refused for safety reasons to fly from Orly with a degraded crew composition, which does not fully comply with the regulations in force and the airline manual.

Moreover, according to the SNPL mentioned, during the preparation of this flight, the members of the same crew were threatened with managerial consequences from their management to persuade them to fly, despite the risks associated with the flight.

The National Pilots Union accuses the management of Air France for violating the provisions of the Air Transport Code and the Civil Aviation Code with regard to the commanders' prerogatives, all being done to the detriment of flight safety.

Air France pilots, or from any other company, cannot accept to exercise their profession under the pressure of a management that raises the question of profitability far in the face of the safety of passengers, crew members and aircraft.

However, the three unions allow the company to come up with a satisfactory answer regarding the non-observance of the commander's prerogatives.

The Air France response

In a statement sent to to Reuters, Air France says it permanently ensures the crew composition in accordance with the operating manual approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

"In the case of AF7480 from January 2, the captain did not want to fly in these conditions, although the crew was fully compliant and regulated as per the manual," says Air France. "In order to avoid the cancellation of the hot flight, he was replaced by another captain."

Air France management says it is available to the pilots' unions to answer questions and clarify this situation.

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