Air France pilots ready to return to cockpit (Video)

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Air France will gradually resume air operations, which should reach about 15% of normal capacity by the end of June. Like any respected airline, flight safety comes first and current safety and health measures must be strictly adhered to.

Of the 4.000 Air France pilots, 2.300 will be at the helm of the aircraft in commercial service. Currently, 75 of the 224 aircraft have resumed their flights on commercial routes.

During the lockdown, when thousands of planes had to stay on the ground and millions of flights were canceled, most pilots could not make their flight hours.

In order to quickly return to flight, Air France pilots will benefit from a cockpit reintegration scheme, which will guarantee the highest level of safety on its flights. Even this plan for a gradual resumption of flights was outlined on the level of crew training.

The pilots, who did not fly recently, will be trained in the 16 Air France simulators. They will receive a training kit, training courses and personal assistance, all under the supervision of the 470 Air France instructors. These simulator retraining sessions allow you to review the procedures: maintaining flight-specific skills, checklist, specific regulations, etc.

To increase the level of safety, Air France introduces an additional simulator session of 2,5 to 3,5 hours, in addition to the four mandatory annual sessions. At the same time, it will increase the number of landings and takeoffs required over a period of 90 days from 3 to 5.

After a break of 2-3 months, things are planned to be resumed gradually depending on market demands, but also depending on how the crews are re-evaluated.

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