The pilots of a Boeing 737-800 Pobeda Airlines "drew" a large penis in the sky

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On November 11, the Boeing 737-800 Pobeda Airlines aircraft (registered VQ-BTJ) operated domestic flight DP407, on the route Moscow Vnukovo - Ekaterinburg, in Russia. 

Without incident and on time, the plane left the airport near Moscow at 13:16 local time. About an hour later, the pilots began to "draw" the outline of a giant penis in the sky.

The pilots' play added an additional 30 minutes to the operated flight, resulting in their arrival in Ekaterinburg at 17:51 (local time), about 20 minutes later than the scheduled arrival time.

The British newspaper The Metro knows more: " This was probably the way the pilots flew DP407 they expressed their "admiration" for the captain of the Russian national football team, Artem Dzyuba. He was suspended from sports competitions after several videos with him masturbating in bed appeared online.".

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency is investigating the "protest" over the city of Neftekamsk. Reports suggest the crew requested permission for air maneuvers "due to the need to check the radionavigation equipment".

However, it is doubtful that the authorities and / or the airline can laugh at the whims of these pilots.

Know that the flight exists and can be tracked on!

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