The pilots of the flight #U6178 were decorated by Vladimir Putin and received the title "Hero of Russia"

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According to the Russian Press Agency - TASS - Vladimir Putin (President of the Russian Federation) awarded the title "Hero of Russia" to the pilots of flight # U6178.

In opening the meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council, Vladimir Putin announced that he had signed a decree decorating the flight crew members U6178.

Vladimir Putin decorated the U6178 flight crew

The two pilots, who were at the helm of the Airbus A321 URAL Airlines, each received the title "Hero of Russia". While their colleagues received each "Order of Courage" for how they handled situations in the case of the plane crash on 15 August near Moscow.

In addition to the decorations, the Russian president also wanted to prevent such accidents from recurring. He also stated that the training of Ural Airlines staff is at an adequate level.

The U6178 flight crew were applauded by the passengers

Even the passengers of the flight #U6178 wanted to congratulate the crew for their professionalism and even applauded them. We can say that it was "the miracle of the corn chain".

On 15 August 2019, aircraft Airbus A321-200 URAL Airlines (VQ-BOZ) landed in an emergency in a corn lane. The plane took off from Moscow, with the destination Simferopol Airport. It operated the U6-178 flight and had 233 persons on board (226 passengers and 7 crew members).

Immediately after taking off from Zhukovsky International Airport - Moscow, the aircraft intersected with a flock of birds, some of them hitting both engines. Following the bird strike incident, both engines of the aircraft failed. The pilots were forced to stop and make an emergency landing.

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