Plane crash report November 5-6, 2022: 4 plane crashes with 33 dead!

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During the weekend of November 5-6, 2022, aviation recorded 4 plane crashes with 33 deaths and several dozen other people injured. Every day there are accidents or incidents in aviation, but this weekend our attention was drawn to the fact that a helicopter crashed near Puglia and an ATR 42-500 model plane ended up in Lake Victoria in Tanzania. But let's recap the accidents reported over the weekend that just ended.


On November 5, an aircraft identified as Airborne Wind Sports Edge XT-912-L crashed near the city of Oahu, Hawaii. The two occupants of the aircraft died as a result of the plane crash.

Also on November 5, an Agusta A109E Power model helicopter crashed near Puglia. The last radio contact was in a bad weather area, with a strong storm reported in the area between Apricena and San Severo. Unfortunately, the two pilots and all five passengers (including a 13-year-old child) died as a result of the impact.

The day of November 6 was marked by two other accidents with victims. A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane crashed in Venezuela, 3 km from the threshold of runway 04 of Puerto Ayacucho Airport. Unfortunately, five people lost their lives.

But the most important plane crash this weekend happened in Tanzania. An ATR 42-500 Precision Air (5H-PWF) aircraft crashed into Lake Victoria near Bukoba Airport, Tanzania. Bukoba has a single runway 13/31, 1385 meters long. and the distance between the threshold of Runway 31 and the shore of the lake is 130 meters. As a result of the accident, 19 people died out of a total of 42 people on board. Research continues!

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